Astrana set of 2 Exotic Oud Wood and Black Oud Fragrance Oil - Fragrance Oils with Valencia Orange, Mint Leaves Geranium, Jasmine, Sandalwood and musk, Oud wood oil - .33Fl oz Each Bottle (10ml)

Brand: Astrana Beauty


  • NATURAL BLACK OUD FRAGRANCE OIL: The fragrance oil opens with a note of Black Oud Fragrance Oil, Bergamot, Valencia Orange, Mint Leaves Geranium, Clove, Star Jasmine. Final notes are Tonka Amber, Black Sandalwood, Transparent musk, and Oud wood oil
  • NATURAL EXOTIC OUD WOOD OIL: Exotic Oud Wood Fragrance oil Mysteriously Enticing Heavenly Sweet, Deep and Balanced, Woodsy, Aromatic and Complex. Opens with Sicilian Bergamot, Green Leaves, Lemon, Lavender, gives hints of Tonka Amber, White Lilies, and finally smooths out with Vanilla and Exotic Oud
  • BEST FRAGRANCE OILS: Extra strength, premium quality, rich and long lasting. Specifically formulated to be used in a variety of products including bath bombs, soap making, candles, body scrubs, aroma diffusers, oil burners, incense making, air fresheners and many more
  • PERFORMANCE: You will love this fragrance oil, filled with woody infusion blend of specialty in Oud based fragrances. Long to very long lasting with great silage rating, Alcohol free and all natural and oriental Oud
  • PROUDLY MADE in USA: Our fragrances are hand crafted, and we take great care to insure that the oils are of the best quality to provide our customers with the finest exotic imports and domestic fragrances

Details: EXOTIC OUD WOOD AND BLACK OUD FRAGRANCES OILS FRAGRANCE NOTES: EXOTIC OUD WOOD perfume is a woody perfume with floral notes. It starts with fresh notes of bergamot, green leaves and lemon with a hint of Lavender and Tonka Amber. Giving way to sweet notes of Vanilla and Exotic Oud. BLACK OUD An enticing blend of Woody Ambery Floral and Oud notes. Fragrance Oil mixed with Bergamot, Valencia Orange, Mint Leaves Geranium, Clove, Star Jasmine, Black Sandalwood, Transparent musk, Oud wood oil. SIZE(s): .33fl Oz (10ml) each bottle APPLICATOR: amber glass bottle with temper-evident euro dropper for controlled dispensing FRAGRANCE CATEGORY: Aromatic, Oriental Concentrated Aroma Oil, not to be applied topically IRRESISTIBLY UNIQUE: Our oils are pure, natural and premium therapeutic grade. We ship them in 0.33fl Oz (10ml) amber glass bottles which protect the oil from UV light and extend its shelf life. These bottle caps are temper evident for your peace of mind. We also insert inside the cap a euro dropper orifice for easy and measured dispensation. This prevents leaks and avoids accidental spillage. Product Uses Include but not limited to: Soaps, Bath Bombs, Body Scrubs, Potpourri, Air Fresheners, Aroma Diffusers, Oil Burners, Incense Sticks, Cleaning Products, Scented Drawer Sheets, and many more.

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