Astrana Amber Vanilla & Cashmere Classic Fragrance Oils - 2 Bottles .33Fl oz Each (10ml), Premium Scented Oils - Blend of Bergamot, Orange Flower, Jasmine, Patchouli, Amber, Sandalwood and Musk

Brand: Astrana Beauty


  • Amber vanilla oil is a sophisticated, smoky sweet vanilla with warm and earthy soft scent. This sensual and luxurious oil helps igniting passion, romance, and self-confidence. Amber Vanilla melts away all the stresses and makes the person feels like pure bliss
  • Cashemere classic projects wood type notes of bergamot, aromatherapy and orange flower, Middle notes of lily of the valley and jasmine, top notes of patchouli, amber, sandalwood and musk
  • Multiple Usage: These oils can be used in and as bath bombs, body scrubs, air fresheners, aroma diffuser, oil burners, incense sticks, cleaning products, and scented drawer sheets, crafting soaps, candle making and more
  • Easily dispensed: Each bottle contains amber glass bottle with temper-evident eurofice dropper for controlled dispensing. Never waste a drop with Astrana Beauty’s scented oils
  • Long Lasting: Our fragrance oil comes in Amber glass bottles, this protects the fragrance oil from UV light and extends shelf life, making the quality of our aromatherapy oils last longer

Details: Perfect Home Fragrances It’s time to add the missing piece to your home! Homes should not be just visually pleasing, they need an inviting scent. Astrana Beauty fragrance oils are wonderful for use with an aroma diffuser. With Astrana Beauty premium fragrance oils, you can now add the missing touch to compliment the atmosphere of your home. Our therapeutic grade oil fragrance is pure, natural and safe to use on your hair and on your skin. Add just few drops of these scents oil to your favorite oil product and make your next massage more memorable. Premium Top Quality Therapeutic Grade Scented Oils These oils are purely natural with 0% alcohol and are made USA. The bottle caps are tamper evident for your peace of mind. We pack our Amber fragrance oil and our cashmere woods oil in 0.33fL oz., (10ml each), amber glass bottles which protect the oil from UV light which extends its shelf life. No more leaks or accidental spillage. Euro dropper orifice inside each cap for easy and measured diffuser oil dispensation. Features:!!!! A great gift idea for family and friends: Gift your loved ones these amazing natural scents’ pack. Our Fragrance Oils are specifically formulated to be used for Burning, candle making and soap making or they can be used to scent incense and toiletry products Premium grade oils are the best and most popular all around oils to use. This is the best oil to use for burning, scenting candle wax, melt and pour soap bases, cold process soap recipes and bath & body products. Bathe and Relax: Enjoyable aromatherapy scent in bath products and in candles, whether it is Amber & Vanilla or our Cashmere Woods fragrance oil, your bath with candle scents will kiss stress goodbye. Perfect for candle making

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